• NITS helps you leverage the power of the Cloud seamlessly!

  • Why limit your business to on-premise when NITS fits you to the Cloud?

  • Think Cloud. Think NITS.

  • Business Digitization can be challenging, but that doesn't mean yours has to be.

  • Digitize your Data Landscape. Energize your Business.

Digitize Business. Accelerate Growth.

“We at NITS Informatics help Small and Medium Sector Enterprises across India modernize their business by empowering them with Digitization. No matter which industry you belong to, NITS gifts you a tailor-made IT solution that helps you scale your business to new heights!”

Are you finding it hard to manage data in your business?

Digital Transformation of SMEs can improve

Operational Efficiency by
Increase Data Security by
Enhance Employee Productivity by
Profitability by
Improve Customer experience

So, what are you waiting for? Modernize you business ecosystem with NITS Informatics.

SMEs across India are troubled by these challenges that result in

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Flagship Solution- Facile Inventory

Our flagship offering for Inventory Management of Manufacturing Units, Facile Inventory, is all you need to simplify and automate complex control and material management tasks across your enterprise!

Range of Customized Service Offerings:



Are you thinking about developing a new software application on Cloud? NITS will migrate your new software to the AWS cloud.



Why not empower your existing software application? Let NITS help you migrate your existing software applications to the AWS cloud.



Already have your software running on AWS Cloud? Let NITS worry about its maintenance. 


Lift & Shift

Are you looking to move your existing Software applications from other public cloud platforms to AWS? Then, this is the offering for you.

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