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How Digitization and Cloud Adoption can Boost Data Security for SMEs?

In these explosive data growth times, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across India find it difficult to manage their business-critical data spread across their on-premise datacentres securely. Being one of the backbones of the Indian economy, SMEs have to be constantly vigilant about vulnerabilities that can lead to their sudden downfall. As per a research conducted by Accenture, more than 40% of the worldwide cyberattacks are aimed at SMEs.

SMEs still falling behind on modernising their IT landscape to Cloud can be easy targets of cyberattacks. Failure to regularly upgrade their Operational/Transactional Systems, Password Management, Internal mail systems can pave the way to data breach and vast revenue loss.

Leverage the Power of Cloud Security

In this era of rampant Cloudification and Business Modernization through Digitization, do you still believe in the myth that “Is Cloud Storage not secure?” Then you are losing out on innumerable cloud benefits and falling behind your digitised competitors. Here are the reasons why:

Robust Security and Easy Data Management

When you migrate your business-critical data to leading public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), the data storage and management is entirely centralised and not scattered like an on-premise setup.

When data is stored in multiple online systems and offline methods (Manual Logs), data protection becomes more challenging, and management becomes tedious and time-consuming. AWS enables a range of security functionalities like data encryption and masking that provides you with the best-in-class security system, allowing your business’s seamless functioning. 

Automated Security Upgrades

Implementing an enterprise-wide software upgrade in an on-premise setup is practically chaos for most Indian SMEs. Why bother about your security software upgrades when cloud services take care of that for you.

Cloud service providers like Amazon regularly apply the latest security patches to defend the rising force of cyberattacks. 

Data Back-up and Disaster Recovery

A single data breach or loss of transactional data can easily pull an SME back by one to several months. Why risk such a problematic scenario when Cloud gives you superior data backup options that ensure your data remains safe even during times of natural disasters.

You can never predict when a cyberattack or a natural calamity can occur, but it is always recommended to have a disaster recovery plan. Adoption of the Cloud makes you disaster-ready and immune to data threats.

Cost Savings and Flexibility

Why spend your hard-earned income on establishing third-party security systems in your workplace when you can leverage the in-built security features of Cloud that are unmatched by costly on-premise systems.

AWS also gives you the option to choose the features and services you require to optimise your charges based on your business needs and provide you with zero overhead costs.


SMEs must never compromise on data security measures. Lapses of the same can prove fatal for their growth. Your enterprise data is in safe hands once you decide to embark on a Cloud Modernization journey.

At NITS Informatics, we aim to empower Small and Medium Enterprises through a range of IT solutions such as Cloud Management, Cloud Migration, and so on.

Digitise your business with NITS Informatics and elevate your data security like never before!  

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