Engagement Approach

Customer Support
Maintenance Approach
Work Proficiency
Data Security

Application Development Model

Phase 1: Conceptualise

Phase 2: Prototype Engineering

Phase 3: Design, Development & Implementation

Phase 4: Validation and Quality Assurance

Phase 5: Deployment and Production Launch

Cloud Provisioning & Migration Model

Phase 1: Assessment

Phase 2: Cloud Readiness

Phase 3: Requirement Gathering

Phase 4: Migration Mode Selection

Based on existing landscape assessment and requirement gathering, choose the apt mode of cloud migration from below 5 R’s 

Phase 5: Design and Document Target Architecture

Based on performance, availability, security, regulatory compliance considerations 

 Define operation consideration including – monitoring, administration and maintenance  Preparation of proper test and validation strategy to ensure the wellbeing of infrastructure and all associated components

 Phase 6: Deploy infrastructure on public cloud 

Phase 7: Test and validate Cloud Infrastructure 

Phase 8: Transition/Go-Live 

Maintenance & Governance Approach

For stable infrastructure and excellent application performance, NITS takes care of the following Maintenance measures:

Performance Benchmarking 

Continuous Monitoring 

Proactive Maintenance to prevent failure 

  • OS/application/software upgrade
  • Installation of updates and security patches
  • Checking of resource and disk utilization 
  • Password Management
  • Security Management
  • Billing Management
  • Backup availability and tracking as per the schedule

Continuous Availability 

Transparency in Infrastructure Health