Answer:) We believe in giving you maximum hosting flexibility. You can choose any of the options shown below:

Option A: Host applications on your AWS account

Option B: Choose NITS Informatics provided AWS infrastructure 

Answer:) Yes, of course. For our offerings – Initiate, Empower, Retain, and Lift & Shift we will take care of your application maintenance.

Maintenance covers – Application Performance Benchmarking, Monitoring and Optimizing

NITS will perform regular monitoring and optimizing all the applications, databases, servers, network, storage, and all AWS services you use. Followed by correction services based on the outcome of Application Monitoring. We will also take care of log checking and purging, server restart if required, etc.  For further details on maintenance model, please refer the Engagement Approach Section

Answer:) To tackle any unfortunate hardware or software failure incidents, NITS provides its clients with a High Availability setup & Disaster Recovery Enablement and performs Recovery Exercises for business continuity.

  1. Answer:) NITS has got you covered. NITS provides its clients with in-built infrastructure monitoring capabilities that automatically alerts whenever enhancements are necessary, making life easier for our clients.
  2. You only need to let us know if you require any specific hardware capacity enhancements. We will facilitate the migration of existing applications/databases to new hardware without any barriers.
  1. Answer:) Our clients will only be charged based on your service usage and data consumption for application development, designing, and implementation on AWS, plus monthly hosting charges for both the hosting Option A and Option B given above. This amount will be payable to AWS. NITS only charges a maintenance-related cost for your data/application.

Answer:)FacileInventroy Subscription available with below subscription. User can choose as per their convenience 

  • INR 19,999/- per year upto 5 users [Annual Payment].
  • INR 5,499/- per Quarter upto 5 users [Quarterly Payment].
  • INR 1,999/- per Month upto 5 users [Monthly Payment].
  • For additional user INR 200/- per user per month.
  1. Answer:) Yes. There will be separate hosting for customized applications. Hosting + maintenance and customization charges will be communicated based on discussing customization requirement from customer 

Answer:)Yes,Legacy data in any digitized form will be taken care by NITS

  1. Answer:) NITS team will help you to create Account for your company. After that you can operate your business from anywhere on any device. 

Answer:) A departing request need to be mailed as suggested and NITS will hand over your data in excel format. And, if you are interested in rejoining, we will grant you a new account instead of your existing one.

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